Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the Corona drama (and in-betweens)

20-3, guilty votes have it! Corona is ousted from his seat as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. 

For me, I admire more those three (Arroyo, Santiago, Marcos) who voted for his acquittal. They have the guts to go against the overflowing despise/anger/clamor against the chief justice. They must be objective enough, unfazed by the bandwagon of hate. Real enough, to point out that everyone else commit the same mistake as Corona do, in terms of SALN. Corona is the guinea pig, that by his not declaring those enormous wealth (intertionally or otherwise), his post and reputation paid off. 

Now, I want all politicians to sign an unconditional waiver allowing the government to scrutinize all their assets. Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano is right to suggest this, as a signal of the new era of good governance, as they call it. 

For other senators, they spoke well: of their (pseudo)concerns of the country's welfare, of their anti-corruption advocacy hints, of their grandstanding (oops).  For fairness, some did speak from the heart. Lapid, for instance, had to be simple and true and logical. And yes, JPE handled the trial well. 

Meanwhile, weighing on the fact that Corona has enormous wealth, all who followed the drama definitely raise their eyebrows. He is that rich! And most rich people are bad in the eyes of the Pinoy majority, who sees themselves as poor (delusion or not). Some envious nature kicks in, i guess.

For the public, or as the media tag it: democracy is restored and strengthened. really?  

Like Corona, I leave this all to God. Deus vult! His will, for our country. We're struggling, yes! Good thing, these struggles shape us. Hopefully for the better!

Let history be the final judge.
heroes and heroines of the Corona drama

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