Thursday, May 10, 2012

prologue: connected

Am I connected?
What's happening lately? Aside from some dispute with China over the distant islets, or the President (with no visible programs) dating girls half his age or the celebrated brawl in NAIA, our country is basically the same. We have the impoverished majority and the few superficial, supposed-to-be-concerned elite. That's it. 

Me? I care. Maybe. Or I just sit on my ergonomic chair, and wallow in nothingness. 

But to think of, something is there. I just turned 30, and many say life is just beginning. Let's see: some office job I had since six years ago; some major sickness that overturned all my predispositions; some renewed faith; and some new relationship matters. 

Honestly, I am unsure about tomorrow. Who does? One thing remains - I have this desire for connection. Maybe I can connect by writing again. 

I better be good this time.  

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