Monday, May 28, 2012

hello Mayon!: things worth remembering in Albay

Before coming, I thought: "Aside from the chili dishes and Mayon, what can they offer?". But I was proven wrong. There is more to Bicol than what I expected.

I was there for our convention. I am part of the core officers who will prepare for the 4-day big event. Mostly, this spells work. Good thing, I had ample time to roam around, basically around Legazpi City. Note, this is my first time in Bicolandia.

Let me list some things I recall about Bicol:

1) The food trip. Definitely my memory of Bicol is full of what my palate has experienced. Such an array and explosion of taste! 

my favorite among the Bicol dishes - "Lubi-lubi"!
looks like the famous "pinangat" (laing) but milder in taste 
DJC's heavenly Halo-halo! definitely the best I ever tasted,
even better than the famous Razon's! (Tiwi, Albay)
cone-shaped "pinuso" o "balisongsong" with buko meat inside, a delight!
yes, this is siopao,  toasted version. yum yum!
finger-like pastry "Chakoy", donut-y taste, rolled in skim milk powder 
chocolates, Bicol style!
and a lot of Pili products!
by the way, this is Pili, in raw form!
2) The handicrafts. In this field, Bicolanos show their artistry. And they are doing very well. They need to market their products more. 
artistry seen on every detail of each pot
hands that mold the Bicol masterpieces (Tiwi, Albay)
ceramic shoes: ingenuity at work!
knives can be colorful! (Tabaco City, Albay)
fiery blacksmiths in action!
Bicol products as displayed in SEDCcen Legazpi, shop all the way!
3) The Oriental Hotel. It rests on a mountain. It has a wonderful view of Mayon. You can see the city of Legazpi. Yet, it is grand, elegant and modern! 
overnight stay is not enough! ;-)
modern facade, lots to explore inside!
4) The Mayon. It's majestic! It spells wonder in every angle. 
my first glimpse of Mayon at the Legazpi Airport
view from Hall of Justice
view from Lignon Hill at twilight
view from Lignon Hill at daytime
with the Cagsawa ruins
without the ruins
from the Boulevard (source: Mam Jude's FB)
I love the animated story of Magayon in their planetarium!
5) The camwhoring. The camera is invented for this! 
hello guys! LOL. ready for the trekking?!
tired! oh, there's the Cagsawa ruins!
feeling at home at The Oriental (pambahay talaga!)
buy this! (or buy me)
meet the cowboy at the La Piazza
cowboys/girls on the loose!
thanks Sir Ardy Roberto for the signed booklet!
beware: aliens around us!
a touch of Europe in bicolandia
stairs to the Mayon planetarium
feeling rich!
Dagos Legazpi! pinataba nyo ako ng husto! 
Till I see you again, Mayon! 
Good night, folks!


  1. Great post Pol! Thanks again for inviting me to speak! God bless!

    1. our great pleasure to have you, Sir! ang daming magagandang feedbacks about your talk. Thank you po ulit!


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