Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jessica Sanchez: the phenomenon

Sixteen year old Jessica Sanchez won many heart in this season of American Idol. Judges and audience alike admire her exceptional talent, making her slide through weekly eliminations. She manages to stay until the grand Finale next week. The only obstacle for grabbing the title is Phillip Phillips.  
Jessica has the voice! Some even see her as one who has the making of a legend. Yes, at 16Clear vibratto, amazing range, lovely growls: name it, she got it. The only criticism they can throw is that her songs are not her age! 

Industry movers agree with those positive marks. Celebrated producer Francis Copolla said he would watch her very first concert, and that she's beyond excellent. American artist, producer/songwiter Akon thinks that she is overqualified in Idol and that he's willing to sign her right after she went out of the competition. Several artists expressed their awe with her style which elevates the level of musicality. 

Of course, we are proud of her. As she has Filipino blood (and looks!), Filipinos worldwide are 100% supportive of her. (I think the 70 miilion votes for AI this season is due to a large chunk of Filipino votes). The whole country is going gaga, with our local artists and celebrities expressed full support, where some making Youtube videos calling for kababayans in the US to vote for her every week. 

For us, she is truly a phenomenon. I expect months/years from now, young kids will say they wish to be like Jessica, the superstar! For now, we wait for the American public to declare her as their ICON.

Jessica or "BB Chez" as she sings her much-acclaimed version of "And I Am Telling You"  

Jessica was noticed more when drama unfolded as the AI Judges used "The Save" on her.

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Update: Phillip Phillips won American Idol Season 11. Jessica Sanchez ended as runner-up. She said Phillip deserves to win the title.

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