Thursday, June 7, 2012

Japan amazed (and haunts) me!

The other day, a friend and I planned to eat at Cafe Juanita but it was fully booked. We ended up transferring to a Japanese resto nearby. 

The resto offered a variety of Asian dishes. That's a relief! I skipped the seafood-laden Japanese foods, I have allergies on crustaceans. While there, nostalgia really hit me, there came the flashbacks of my Japan encounters. 

I've been to Japan twice (2004, 2009). The experience was haunting, that i dream of coming back. Tokyo is the busiest city ever, but for me, it is solemnly quiet. Culture is definitely oozing in almost all aspects. Courtesy and respect envelops all people we met.

Gladly, i never recall a single bad memory. Maybe, I behave well, that I was rewarded with worthy experiences. 

Let me show these pictures with my note-worthy tidbits of life in Japan:

this meal is typical
(i feel sosyal)
bento boxes are always colorful!
they love taking pictures, so are we!
surprises come around;
this friend showed up while we're on tour
these girls literally chased me,
they thought i'm a mascot!
meanwhile, it's okay for guys to own dolls...
and dolls are seen even at offices
(at Ministry of Justice)  
oh, he is a "kundoktor", as in!
cities remain green...
some parks look like this
and beggars look like him...
they knew how to honor their guests
and honor Astroboy too
(Toyota museum)
everywhere, i am lost in translation! help!

But to think of it, Japan is strange. As this video says so:

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